Hateful commentary #1


Writing this on this blog after realizing putting this on ask.fm wasn’t enough.

I am a hateful person (yes, I admit it), but this doesn’t come without any reason.

At least, I don’t ruin one’s mood—even if I did that, I’d try anything to fix it, just because I don’t want people to see me as a mood ruiner, a bad person, whatsoever. As much as I despise (some) people, how much I talk behind their back, I try my best not to ruin their whole day. I’d never, ever, call names on their face.

Yeah, I surely give some dickheads names, evil ones, but have I ever call them ‘bego‘ on their face? Nope. Just because I don’t want the universe to do the same.

I don’t fucking care, even if it’s my own friend, parents, or even a president: you’re degrading me, ruining my mood, and I’m gonna hate you (temporarily or permanently) for using such terms. I just don’t tolerate any if those, even if you thought you were joking, trying to be close, or even if you’re winning in a debate against me.

I swear, you don’t know me, my reason doing/not doing something and you called me ‘bloon‘? You’re even worse.

Now I sound like a high school student.

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