A Beautiful Diversion

You should be doing your task—in which you are required to make a review of a 229-page-thick book—yet, you are texting her instead.

You are pretty much sad and you need someone to cheer you up, but you are cheering her up instead.

You have been suffering from this goddamn migraine since this afternoon you even need to take some medicines and you know for sure that one of the reasons of this headache is because you lack sleep, but now you are still waiting for her to go to bed first.

You know. Love is blind …

… to the level where it makes you a fool.

A happy fool.

You woke up this morning, got a morning text from her and a smile suddenly popped out of nowhere. It was so relieving, knowing that your beloved one was still alive and wide awake, ready to start her day. But did you know what really excite you?

The fact that you were the first thing she thought of when she woke up.

In fact, you are.

Or at least—let’s be realistic—one of the first things she thought of when she woke up. But still, you are so glad.

‘Geez, how cringeworthy I am,’ you thought to yourself. But again, you are still smiling now, aren’t you?

So, now, you are re-reading that goddamn book, trying to make the review as good as possible. You don’t know why but, the last random conversation with her about a Buzzfeed Video reviewing three kinds of steak was so silly it became your mood booster. You realize that it is nearly impossible to make a good book review at this state—at this hour—but, who cares?

It also happened that, after cheering her, she became quite happy and now cheering you back. Such a cutie, right?

And the best part is, without you realizing, the migraine has already gone. You know the reasons: 1) the medicine you took this afternoon, and 2) the increasing level of serotonin in your body. And, you thought to yourself, there should be reason 2a) that random conversation with her which never fails to make you happy.

A happy fool, remember?

Now you are relieved from the migraine and feeling better, it is her time to sleep. Yes, that little fairy needs to sleep.

You left her the message; she virtually kissed you goodbye and you did the same thing.

Feel a little sad, huh?

No worry. She is going to cheer you up again, tomorrow.


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